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Board on Board Fence

Amarillo, TX

Board on board fencing is one of the best and sturdiest types of fencing you can get. This is a fence building process where we utilize the strength of the wood and stack them one on top of another to create not only a beautiful pattern, but also a sturdy, wind defending fence structure overall. This is one of the favorites used in Amarillo, TX.


Cedar Fencing

Cedar fencing is one of the most popular kinds of fencing that we install. It is a very good, weather resistant wood that stands up to the elements and holds a very long life span. Its the kind of wood that we fence builders refer to as “wine wood” because its one of the few woods that can grow more beautiful with time.

board on board wood fence builder amarillo tx
wOOD FENCE BUILDER | Amarillo, tx

Custom Fence Designs

Homeowners who are looking for a fence builder near them to construct a quality fence want something that not only holds up to the weather, but will also be a beautiful design that goes well with their home and desires. So we can match or even custom design any fence pattern or layout you desire. Therefore experts will surpass your expectations to build you a fence that will please you for years to come.

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